Lone Worker ASSIST for Android, iOS & Windows Smartphones and Tablets

Intrinsic Choice Solutions Lone Worker ASSIST solution is cloud-based and all data syncs across any device used for the job, whether computer, tablet, or smartphone. Intrinsic Choice Solutions Lone Worker ASSIST application is a true mobile GPS tracking system for your entire workers and business. Any alerts or duress alarms raised are instantly registered on the screen with full details of location of where alarm was raised.


Increase customer service and reduce time in providing support to staff in the field

Know when staff have reached the clients home or location

Know when staff have left a home visit

Identify battery levels for each duress alarm simply and quickly

Quickly locate staffs location if they have not returned to office from visit

Ability to view on map if staff are entering a danger area such as bush fires or floods especially for regional staff

Ability to track staff on map if they are thrown into a vehicle and driven away

Be Alerted to staff that are logged in and those that are not

Set Geofence areas for sites that pose to be a high risk so alerts are sent of entering and exiting staff

Mobile handset Login

Lone Worker ASSIST App supports and empowers business owners and managers on the go, the ability to keep track of staff in the field, provide support and receive alerts when alarms have been raised.

  • Unique Login
  • View staff on the road
  • Comfort in knowing your staff are ok

Easily View all of your duress alarms/staff

Monitor, your field staff in one quick easy step. Our solution puts you in the passenger’s seat of each Lone Worker. Maintaining transparency and streamlining communication between you and your staff.

Easily view which staff member is logged in, their last login and events. Get a quick overview of all the duress alarm users in the field.

View Map Location directly from the App


Know Exactly Where to Provide Emergency Support and More

Emergencies can happen at any time. The Lone Worker ASSIST app provides all details required to provide support to your staff member in an easy to read screen. Our Lone Worker ASSIST App helps.

  • Be alerted for: Emergencies and Geofence entry or exits for all field staff.
  • Know Arrival/Departure Times: use GeoFences to know when staff arrives at work, or a client’s home / destination.
  • Be Prepared for the Unexpected: receive emergency alerts for duress situations with full details of time and location of alert

Managers and operational staff know the value of running efficient duress systems

Loan Worker ASSIST Duress Tracking you can TRUST