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Traditional vehicle management relies on stacks of paper, repetitive tasks and out dated technology. Fleet ASSIST offers complete control over your entire fleet. From the office desktop to your driver’s tablet – never miss a beat.

Uniting Fleets with Data

Looking to make business decisions based on hundreds of vehicles scattered across the map? No Problem! Our technology unites vehicles, assets and people with your company goals and objectives. Run reports to gain powerful insights and never second-guess a decision again

Save Time and Money

Choosing from a huge library of pre-made industry specific features, you can up your Fleet ASSIST system without starting everything from scratch. Pick the features you like, configure the vehicles/drivers and let the system pay for itself.

Handcrafted Power

Network of Fleet Solutions
With industry tailored software solutions, there is no reason NOT to use Fleet ASSIST to improve your business. Enhance system capabilities to suit your industry by bundling the right features and add-ons.

Free Software Updates
Good looks aren’t everything, so we make sure that Fleet ASSIST never becomes complacent. Our team and partners work tirelessly to develop new solutions to old operational problems. Those improvements are yours, free of charge.

Unique Premium Features
In addition to tons of tons of premium features, third party integrations and open API, we offer free online training, because we know that the more you get out of our software, the more you will want to use it.

Welcome to Fleet ASSIST

Expanding your Technology


Quality Hardware
Our hardware is designed to withstand the rigors of traveling with your fleet, day in, day out.


Multi Map Views
Use several maps views to get a better sense for roadblocks and opportunities affecting the performance of your fleet.


Automated Reporting
Schedule and automate reporting for a wide range of useful metrics concerning everything from driver safety to fuel use.


Scheduling / Dispatching
Keep up with changing drivers, delivery schedules and conditions on the road, and increase daily productivity using the Fleet Manager dashboard.


Vehicle Maintenance
Extend the life of your vehicles and equipment using scheduled maintenance reminders and real-time diagnostic alerts.


Speak to Real People
In addition to information and automation, Fleet ASSIST also facilitates mobile two-way communication between the members of your team.

Premium Fleet Management Software Features

Simple and versatile software features, mobile access, online collaboration and scheduling; these are the tools for an interconnected fleet.


Identify the drivers of each vehicle with a keyfob to help automate time sheets

Monitor Rapid acceleration, hard turns, hard stops and sudden stops


Create virtual fences around areas that need to be managed or avoided. For example, if a hazardous waste truck approaches a school, the driver or dispatch, can be notified immediately by text or email. The potential uses of Geofencing are endless.

Use your data however you like. Export your data as a presentation ready PDF. For other uses, you can also export it in Excel or CSV format.

It is easy to stay on top of changing customers, job sites and drivers with drag and drop scheduling. You can also schedule instant text and email reminders to queue automatically whenever you set up a new appointment.

Get insight into your vehicles health with engine diagnostics.

Leave scheduling and routing up to dispatch, so your drivers can focus on the road. Easily send and update directions to your drivers by email or text.

Easily set up and receive text and email alerts for all of your safety, productivity and maintenance concerns. From driver safety to delivery confirmation, alerts help to keep you in the know.


Know where valuable vehicles and equipment are at all times with our real time vehicle location capability. Locate one or an entire fleet of vehicles for 24/7 control of your business.

PTO allows for you to monitor switches on your vehicles; booms, graders, sprayers etc…

Send and receive alerts by text or email based on your proximity to labelled landmarks or GeoFence sites. Example applications include hazardous waste routing and delivery arrival and departure confirmations.

Dynamically zoom in and out with constantly updated road and vehicle information. You can also zoom directly to the features that you need, such as specific drivers or landmarks, without blindly searching within the map.

Experience increased fuel savings with route comparison

Find the quickest, safest route to every destination with our commercial routing solution. Flexible control of routes based on bridge clearances, tolls and last minute intel, it’s like having your very own navigational crystal ball

Know when your fuel cards are being used and where.

Sooner or later your vehicle will give out on you. Choose later. Our vehicle maintenance reminders help you task scheduled maintenance visits for every vehicle in your fleet.

Know where your equipment and assets are at all times with RFID tags.

Food and beverage delivery trucks can stream live temperature data directly to you, helping you helping you protect perishable goods and demonstrate compliance with health and safety rules.

Define Vehicle Profiles helps you create relevant vehicle diagnostic and maintenance alerts and intelligent routing behaviour. Easily specify which maintenance concerns are important and who to notify.

Quickly size up the behaviour of your workforce with coloured driver scorecards. Use that information to manage your workforce, improve safety and limit liability.

24/7 roadside for vehicles, trucks and trailers.

Vehicle trails let you know exactly where your fleet have been, providing you with a useful tool for optimising routes or demonstrating compliance with regulations. Learn even more by comparing vehicles to each other or looking at past trails.

Drivers can now log on fast and paper free. Simplify time keeping and decrease overtime hours with a convenient birds-eye view of your entire workforce.

Forget about data storage limits. Improve operations, boost ROI and increase overall productivity by capturing everything that you need to make intelligent choices.

GPS Fleet Management Software Systems & Solutions

Data that goes beyond improving revenue to improving operations.


Cloud Based Tech
Our cloud-based software makes managing your fleet so much easier, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. Easy to upgrade and maintain, it’s also accessible by anyone, no matter where they are. Plus, our Open API makes integration a snap.


Constant Coverage
Stay connected to your workforce and in control of the equipment that you own, day and night. Use that information to protect what you have and improve delivery and response times, customer scheduling and overall efficiency.


Run & Export Reports
Take advantage of our comprehensive, real-time tracking and reporting to increase driver productivity and safety and make timely decisions concerning everything that matters to your business.


Mobile Solutions
Our software includes a complete set of mobile workforce management and communication tools, giving you better access to the information that you need when you need it. More about our apps: iOSor Android.


Photo Annotation
With the ability to take photos on the fly and annotate them with comments, or include E-Signatures, your workers can obtain feedback and approvals on-site, with only a couple of clicks.


Fleet Support
Our team can help you with everything from choosing the right software and getting started to training your teams and helping you get the most out of the software you have.

Transparency and Communication


  • Route Optimization, Comparison & Reports
  • Two-Way Messaging
  • Instant Alerts by Text/Email
  • Historical Vehicle Movements
  • Real-Time Locate on Demand
  • Digital Timecards : Clock In/Out

Getting started is easy.

Good Software is even easier.