Construction Equipment GPS Tracking Systems

Safety and Accountability

Our RFID technology gives you the power to see your entire worksite, no matter where you are. RFID tags are easily placed with heavy equipment and crew, helping you maintain a high level of worksite transparency and safety. For example, automatically track, record and receive instant alerts for completed deliveries, unauthorized equipment use, and compliance breaches.

  • Worksite Compliance Records
  • After-Hours Security Alerts
  • Two-Way Communication
  • Instant Alerts by Text/Email
  • Vehicle Maintenance Reminders

Performance Optimization

Streamline your workflows with better communication and worksite optimization. Using intelligent Fleet Manager technology, coordinate the activity of your equipment and your workforce more predictably and with greater efficiency.

  • Decrease Labor Costs and Overtime Hours
  • Real-Time Equipment Monitoring
  • Drag and Drop Scheduling
  • Eliminate Paperwork with FleetASSIST Forms
  • Historical Vehicle Movements

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