What You Get With FleetASSIST


Transparency and Communication

Your forms can be organized into Form Libraries. These logically group forms around job functions, tasks or groups of users with a similar job functions or security requirements. This provides more refined control over who has access to your mobile forms. Once the forms have been grouped into Forms Libraries, they are deployed to our FleetASSIST Mobile Form Servers.

Performance Optimization

Did you know in most cases, productivity can be easily increased by 20% simply by optimizing truck routes? Whether you are a private contractor with 5 trucks, or a global entity with 500 trucks, we have the solutions to help your business grow and improve.

  • Maintenance Alerts & Reports
  • GeoFence Breach Alerts
  • Data Stored Indefinitely
  • Open API & Data Pump
  • Vehicle Diagnostics



Driver Management

Keep your drivers smiling with a well-run business.

Our mobile solutions give you the ability to keep in constant contact, even in the most rural locations. Allowing you to track drivers hours, breaks, trip inspections and provide proof of logs for the last seven days. Keep your drivers on time and your customers happy.

  • Monitor driver reports
  • Keep up with vehicle maintenance
  • Improved fleet tracking
  • Constant driver contact
  • Easy clock in/out, hours logging, and form submission
  • Remember, happy employees work harder


Premium Fleet Management Software Features

Simple and versatile software features, mobile access, online collaboration and scheduling; these are the tools for an interconnected fleet.

Software Scalability

Whether you have 2 vehicles or a large fleet of 200+, Intrinsic Choice Solitions “FleetASSIST” can provide you with the features and competitive pricing you’ve been searching for.