Managing Your Duress Alarms and Protecting Your Field Staff Is Now Made Simple. Given the requests from our clients wanting more from their Duress alarms, Intrinsic Choice Solutions has released its Web based system Lone Worker ASSIST system providing greater features to its clients utilising its duress alarms.
ASSIST is designed with specific monitoring and management services for personal tracking and emergency duress situations. Our duress solutions are developed specifically to aid in locating an individual for response services support; they are discreet and provide a comprehensive Personal Care Solution. Our system/solutions are backed by a 24/7 Security Monitoring centre providing the optimal care and support for field staff.
The system is a web-based GPS platform designed to monitor GPS Duress devices and manage their data and users. Users can monitor and manage their Duress Alarms on the Internet simply and easily by simply using a web-browser on their PC or via their Smartphone Phone using our Mobile Lone Worker ASSIST app.


Web Based System

  • Manage and view all your duress alarms from a simple screen
  • No need to call to check if duress alarms are working as they can be easily confirmed on screen
  • Receive emails of alarms raised sent straight to multiple inbox/s with map of where alarm was raised
  • Quickly identify devices with Low Battery Levels
  • Visual and Audible indication of any Alarms raised making identifying a duress situation simple and quick.

Visibility of High Risk Sites

Have you ever been concerned when a staff member has entered a High Risk site? When did they arrive? Have they Left? Are they OK? Our Web based Lone Worker ASSIST system can alert you or your department of when your staff are entering and exiting these high risk sites.


  • Set Geo-Fence locations and have ASSIST email you to advise of the Alert.
  • Staff arriving at site or leaving and or entering a specific location, it’s easy to stay informed no matter where you are. Know instantly when important events are happening with your employees by utilizing real-time alerts and gain clear insight into your operations.


View staff locations in real-time with easy to use Map features. Choose a standard, satellite or terrain view for checking in on your loan workers. Easily see a staff members address, recent event, battery level of their duress alarm, and direction all within the same screen.
They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Loan Worker ASSIST alerts are designed to keep your staff safewhilst on the roadproviding a comprehensive Personal Care Solution

Loan Worker ASSIST Providing Care you can TRUST