Measure, Manage, And Optimize Room & Desk Utilization

How It Helps

Workspace occupancy monitoring helps you understand how your desks, meeting rooms, and breakout spaces are utilized. Real-time occupancy is displayed so employees can effortlessly social distance in the workplace.

Desk Occupancy

Sensors are placed under desks to report real-time usage. Ideal for open-plan offices or hot desk community spaces.

Room Occupancy

A sensor is placed overhead to monitor meeting room and conference room usage. Ideal for managing room availability.

Space Occupancy

The modern workplace provides open spaces for team collaboration. Get a better understanding of this space usage.

Workplace Occupancy Sensors

Room Occupancy

Mount on ceilings to know if conference rooms are in use at any given time.

Desk Occupancy

Attaches under desks to monitor desk usage in any office setting.

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